We’re stylist-founded and on a mission to trailblaze originality.

Hey beautiful! We’re inspired by originality, and it shows up in all we do, from how we make and package our products to the real, diverse and photoshop-free passion-fueled people who rep our brand.

What we stand for

We promise to find out what you love about you, so we can use our science to help you love it even more.

We strive to curate experience using only high quality and effective ingredients.

We promise to champion inclusivity by celebrating, hiring and building products for all ethnicities, genders, ages and styles.

We promise to be as gentle on the planet as we are on your hair.

Inspired By Experience. Backed By Science.

We want you to want to wash and style your hair, whether you’re watching your curls spring into place or the smell of coconut and vanilla are transporting you to the ocean-side.

Our team of scientists constantly evolve our formulas to bring a spa-quality experience coupled with salon-quality safety and ingredient standards.

Our Ingredients Speak For Themselves.

Argan oil of Morocco, coconut milk, teatree mint and shea – you can see why we put our ingredients right on the front of the bottle.

What you won’t find in our products: Ingredients that damage, strip or dry out hair.

Here are just a few ingredients we are free from in our OGX formulations:

  • Sulfated surfactants
  • Parabens
  • Formaldehyde Donors
  • Plastic Microbeads
  • Phthalates
  • We have launched silicone-free and colorant-free product ranges

All Genders, Ethnicities, Ages And Styles Have Room To Shine Here.

Inclusion is at the core of all we do – from who we hire, to who represents us and how we tailor our products for the full spectrum of textures, and up and down ‘dos.

Inclusion also influences how we show up in the world: OGX® actively stands up for equality and social justice.

Healthy hair.
Healthy planet.

Our bottles look great in your shower. In landfills? Not so much. That’s why we’re committed to making 100% recyclable or reusable bottles by 2025. We also have waterless solutions in the works which will cut down on packaging and reduce the usage of fuel needed for transport. That’s just two of the many ways we’re showing the Earth some love!

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Beauty isn’t something that can be bottled up and sold. It comes from being true to yourself.